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Stewart Heating and Cooling is dedicated to providing our residential and commercial customers with the highest quality HVAC service across Southeast Michigan.

From furnace repair, air conditioning replacement, to any other type of heating and cooling service, we aim to bring a depth of knowledge, convenience, trustworthiness, good value, and impeccable quality to every customer relationship.


For more than 50 years, we have helped homes warm up during the winter months in Metro Detroit with our residential furnace services. For furnace installation, furnace repairs or furnace maintenance, customers turn to our experienced technicians to receive high-quality service at a great price.


We at Stewart Heating and Cooling are a full-service HVAC provider that has served the cooling needs of Metro Detroit for over 50 years. From repair and maintenance to installation, we are dedicated to providing residents with air conditioning that can improve their indoor air quality.

Furnace & Air Conditioning Tune Ups

At Stewart Heating and Cooling, we recommend having your system checked at least once every year to identify any existing issues and prevent potential issues.

Maintaining your furnace and air conditioning systems every year ensures efficient operation and increases their lifespan and is the best economic investment you can make for your system.

Commercial HVAC Services

Stewart Heating and Cooling has installed and serviced indoor comfort technology in Southeast Michigan for more than 50 years.

We understand that HVAC systems are living, breathing systems that have a profound effect on the positive experience of your clients or employees when they are inside your building. We are experts in the technoloby, but also know the market.

Discover what high-quality contractors and business owners already know by choosing Stewart.

For your commercial building,
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