About SHC

About SHC

Stewart Heating and Cooling is a family-owned business with over 50 years experience in the industry. We service the greater Metro Detroit area, working on residential and commercial heating and cooling units, boilers, humidifiers, and air purifiers, proudly install Trane products, believing them to be the best in the industry. Our experience and connections within the industry also allows us to service virtually any brand of Heating or Cooling system, and generally with OEM parts. We also provide a 1-year guarantee on all parts installed.

Our Brands

As a longtime Trane Dealer, Stewart Heating and Cooling is proud to represent Trane HVAC products. Trane has been a leader in the residential and commercial HVAC industry for almost a century, and manufactures a range of product from the highest efficiency top-of-the-line models to their more economical mid-efficiency furnaces and air conditioners.

We are also able to offer other brands per customer request, or to accommodate a particular requirement.

For commercial buildings, we offer Trane Commercial as well as other application dependent equipment.

HVAC Frequently Asked Questions

HVAC systems can be difficult to understand. Browse through the most common questions we receive at Stewart Heating & Cooling. We can be reached at (248) 549-0400 if you have any questions or concerns.

My house has an addition. Why is the temperature never the same as the rest of the house?

Is Your Home Addition Giving You Comfort Problems?

Additions that do not maintain temperature are not unusual on an existing home. Oftentimes, the existing HVAC system of the home is not upgraded to handle the added load of an addition despite the fact that it is still taxed by the new load. There are times when the HVAC system has enough capacity to handle this load, and other times it doesn’t. Regardless of the solution, the existing HVAC system must be sized for both the existing house and the new addition for it to function properly. If it has enough capacity, running an additional heat run, correcting a return air issue, or increasing an existing trunk duct, run out, or duct booster fan can be worthwhile solutions. In situations where the existing system does not have enough capacity, increasing the capacity of the existing system might be worth considering if the existing equipment is old or outdated enough to warrant replacement. In addition to supplemental through the wall units, other short-load solutions include separate systems. Let us know if we can assist you in resolving this issue.

What is causing my air conditioner or furnace to not work as intended?

In the event that your current system is not able to handle your needs, the first question to ask is: Has it ever met your needs during the same conditions? There are many simple solutions that can be done, from cleaning your furnace or air conditioner to adjusting the refrigerant charge. It may be the case that there is a more serious issue, but if you are not interested in replacing the system, now is the time to schedule a service call and have a skilled technician take a look at it since it is in need of repair.

I get static shocks frequently in my dry house. How can I fix this?

Static electricity is a sign that your home’s air is too dry if it produces a lot of it. With a forced-air heating system, you can simply add a humidifier to your home. The price ranges from $500 to $800 installed. Please feel free to contact us or call us if you have any questions about our humidifiers.

I think I need a better filter system for my house because it is extremely dusty. What options do I have?

Having excessive dust in the home can be caused by a variety of factors, from pets to dusty hobbies like woodworking to having a very busy household to wall-to-wall carpeting, which on its own can generate a lot of dust. Each family will have a different solution depending on their existing system, their budget, and their individual health needs. With forced-air heating and cooling, it is safe to say that the situation can always be improved by improving the filtration of the air in your home by your central air system.

In comparison with my neighbor, my utility bills seem high for gas or electricity. How can I lower my bills?

It is wise to compare your utility bills with your neighbor. Your neighbor’s house may be similar to yours, and a substantial difference can be an indication that you are able to save substantial amounts of money on your utility bills. There are times when you can make big savings on your utility bills by raising or lowering your thermostat setting a couple of degrees during the winter or during the summer. This could also illustrate a difference in insulation in the home. If your neighbor has upgraded their Home Comfort System, it may be an example of the savings you are missing.

Keep in mind the basics: a moderate thermostat setting, good insulation in your attic and walls, and airtight windows and doors. If you don’t address these key aspects of energy conservation, you could be missing out on significant utility savings, regardless of the age of your existing home comfort system. 

My existing AC uses Freon and I heard it is going to be taken off the market. Is that true?

The term Freon refers to the refrigerant in your Home Comfort System. For the past 50 years, R-22 (refrigerant-22) has been the standard refrigerant used in air conditioning systems in homes and most light commercial applications. When R-22 and similar refrigerants are released into the atmosphere, they destroy important elements of our atmosphere and contribute to global warming. This has been known for over 20 years, and about 18 years ago, the federal government mandated that companies and individuals who service air conditioning systems collect all refrigerants that are removed, while also requiring the refrigeration industry to find alternatives to chlorine-based refrigerants.

Carrier was the first in the industry to react and began researching alternatives to R-22, as is often the case. Carrier was the first company to develop indoor cooling products using an alternative refrigerant in 1996. In order to provide improved efficiency over R-22, Carrier developed R-410a, a refrigerant that is proven safe for the environment. Puron is the brand name of this chlorine-free compound from Carrier.

Carrier has been a pioneer in the development of Puron. Through development, Carrier has evolved its Puron-based systems into one of the most efficient and reliable systems on the market today. How about R-22? In 2010, the federal government mandated that all manufacturers of indoor cooling products cease production of systems that used R-22, and that production of R-22 was completely ceased. If R-22 needs repairs, its price will shoot up dramatically, yet its environmental impact will remain the same.

The carbon footprint of my family concerns me. How can I make a difference?

Including residential, commercial and industrial consumption, households contribute about one-fifth of the total US energy consumption. Most of the energy is consumed by your home’s heating and air conditioning system (42%).

By adjusting your thermostat by two degrees (lower in the winter, higher in the summer), you can decrease the energy consumption of your HVAC system by 4%. A properly configured programmable control or InfinityTM control can be effective in this regard without having to sacrifice comfort.

By replacing your old air conditioner with a new base model, you can increase your air conditioner’s efficiency by 30% or more.

If you replace an 80% furnace with a 90% furnace, your gas energy use will decrease by about 11%. Not insignificant, but not as dramatic as the impact a more efficient air conditioner can have on your household’s energy consumption.

Maintaining your system, even if it is the most efficient on the market, is essential to maintaining peak performance.

Furthermore, regardless of the efficiency of your HVAC system, if your home is not properly insulated and draft-proofed, you are wasting more energy since you are sending conditioned air straight outside. As part of any comprehensive home energy conservation program, appliances must operate efficiently, as well as consume energy should be conserved whenever possible.

Lighting and electronics make up 36% of household energy consumption (for those that were curious). You can reduce your carbon footprint without sacrificing the quality of life by using more efficient lights, turning off the TV when not in use, and turning off lights when a room is not in use.

Want to know what the #1 item in your family contributes to your carbon footprint? Family cars are most likely the #1 energy consumer for many families. In the case of #1, we cannot help you, but we can offer you a Hybrid Heat alternative through Carrier. Our planet is facing many environmental challenges, and Carrier is acutely aware of them. With Carrier’s Hybrid Heat system, you get the benefits of both electric and gas heating, and lower natural resource consumption goes a long way toward saving the environment.

I don’t have the money to pay for a new system today. What are my finance options?

The cost of replacing a top-tier Home Comfort System can approach $10,000, which is almost double the cost of the top systems available a decade ago. Technology has advanced so rapidly in the last decade, it is impossible to compare a top-of-the-line system 10 years ago with one today. Our new systems are light years ahead of older systems in terms of comfort, reliability, and operating costs, and we would love to show you how and why.

Even with an argument made to justify the cost of a new system, the homeowner still needs to answer the question: How can I afford this new system? In the industry, we are constantly striving to provide real answers to this question due to its importance. In an effort to assist the homeowner in answering this question, we offer financing for approved credit. Click here to learn more.

Our Reviews

Scheduled annual maintenance on Furnace and AC. Was given appointment for 1 week out (non emergency appointment) for an exact time (not an arrival window). Team arrived right on time and was pleasant and professional.

Would recommend and will use again in the future.

Ken M

My experience with Stewart Heating and Cooling was great! They arrived on time with very little notice. My A/C went out on a 90 degree day and they were there within 24 hours. Jason was very professional and was able to answer all of my questions. He also provided some great recommendations for the future. I will be going to Stewart H&C for any of my AC or furnace needs
Joe F

I e-mailed them while I was on my honeymoon because our AC unit had stopped working at our house. They fixed everything the same day we emailed them! Very professional and timely – highly recommend.
Katie M