Pro Tip: Always Plan for Annual Air Conditioning Maintenance

Homeowners looking to save on the costs of home ownership often look for tips and tricks to cut the budget. This usually comes in the form of DIY repairs or upgrades, reducing energy usage, or refinancing the mortgage. We find many people try to work their HVAC system for extra pennies, too; shutting off vents/ducts (which we don’t recommend), installing directional air vents, adding ceiling fans, etc. One cost-saving measure they might miss is investing in an annual air conditioning maintenance plan.

Money-smart people often know how to save by spending. Investing in a quality car and keeping it maintained, in Energy-Star appliances, in solar or wind energy are examples of spending money to save money, and we think Air Conditioning Maintenance should be added to that list.

What is Air Conditioning Maintenance?

A maintenance visit will include a visual inspection of your AC unit, cleaning and basic repairs, and replacement of parts that experience wear and tear like filters. Many Air Conditioning Maintenance plans can be coordinated through your HVAC professional and may involve some paperwork. They may also be known as “service plans”, and different levels might be offered for different prices. They’ll call to schedule it around the same time each year. Air Conditioning Maintenance is a proactive process, and is meant to help you avoid costly repairs when things have already broken, and can extend the life of your unit – saving you from spending thousands on a new air conditioner!

During the visit, your HVAC professional might also inspect your thermostat and make recommendations for a new one if it requires replacement or if a more energy-saving option is available.